█ Welcome

Try to picture a world without professional design. Dull, empty and generic.
Together we will stop that from happening!

Hello! My name is Alexandra Webersberger. 
A passionate Graphic-Designer with more than 15 years of hands-on international work experience in all aspects of my trade. 

Online, offline, below the line – html, css, RGB or CMYK. I enjoy mastering the wide range of skills that are required to succeed in this demanding field of work. Always keen to take on new tools and keeping an eye out for fresh trends, I promote and live the spirit of „live long learning“. 

Subscriber to various Design and Marketing Magazines, I  generally go through live with my eyes and ears wide open.

My professional skill-set includes:

Adobe CC
Photoshop // Illustrator // Indesign
Adobe CC
Animate // XD // Premiere // After Effects
Grids // Typography // Pre-Press // Finishing
Logo / Corporate Design
Color World // Typography // Photography
Dreamweaver // html5 // css // WordPress
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Content // FB-Business Manager // Analytics
Online Marketing
Newsletter Programming // Clever Reach // Dotdigital // MAGENTO

Below are a few examples of the work I regularly create for clients and employers. There’s never one job like the other, every task is a new opportunity to further my skills and expand my horizons. (Click to enlarge and for a short description)

Worksamples: ONLINE

Worksamples: PRINT // POS

Worksamples: LOGO // CD

Finally … some private insights

Days of Outdoor Life

There’s simply nothing more enjoyable than spending time outside. Be it hiking, camping, paddling or leisure, nature has so many treasures for us to explore!

My personal skill-set includes:

Fluent in English // Teamperson // Constructive criticism
Good Vibes
The bright side // Never give up // Look, a squirrel
Go Outside // Eat well // Sleep well // Respect others

My passion: Photography

With my camera ready, I like to roam the world. All my shots are taken with the passion to capture the moment. Some of my pictures are sold on iStock and 500px, follow the link below to my profile and check them out.

My plans: European Walk-Leader

The Covid-Pandemic stopped my plans for 2020 to start my extra-occupational training to become a certified European Walk-Leader. But there is new hope for 2021!

My home: The mountains

Every day I consider myself extremely lucky to be living in such a wonderful part of the world.